Monday, September 11, 2006

Clarke Attacks ABC

President Clinton's go-to guy for killing terrorists, Richard Clarke, on ABC's crapumentary The Road to 9/11:
From the President, to all of his White House team, and NSC Principals (Lake, Berger, Albright, Tenet, Reno) there was a common fixation with terrorism, al qaeda, and bin Ladin. The President approved every counter-terrorism operation presented to him, including many that CIA proved unable or unwilling to implement. He increased counter-terrorism spending by 400% and initiated the first homeland security program in forty years. Even though the US had taken relatively few casualties from al qaeda at the time, the President repeatedly authorized the use of lethal force against bin Ladin and his deputies and personally requested the US military to develop plans for "commando operations" against them. Even though he knew the timing of an attack aimed at killing bin Ladin would be labeled by critics as a political diversion, Clinton decided to follow the advice of his national security team and pay the price politically.
Clarke is a news consultant for ABC. I'm hopeful that the network's boneheaded decision will prompt a housecleaning there in the near future. ABC and Disney have alienated millions of Americans, in an industry built on trust and goodwill. What were they thinking?

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