Monday, October 02, 2006


I know us Dems are suppose to be all giddy over the lastest Republican scandal, in which the House leadership looked away while one of their own was e-spanking it with 16-year-old pages. But with the Schadenfreude so thick you can cut it with ein Taschemesser, it's easy to overlook the obvious: except for Foley's seat in Palm Beach, Batergate will not hurt Republicans. And until Denny Hastert oils up with Barney Frank on the House floor, there is no sex scandal that will hurt the GOP.

Why? Because too many Americans are convinced that Democrats are the party of pornography and abortion and sex education and homos. Republicans are the brave Christians who are fighting to protect us from the real predators among us: the elites who say that morality can't be legislated. If Foley was really text messaging lurid comments to teenage boys, it's only because liberals created a culture in while that type of thing can happen.

Yes, I am that cynical.

That didn't take long. James Dobson of Focus on the Family is blaming society for Rep. Foley (as opposed to the House leadership).

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