Monday, March 12, 2007

300 ways to hate 300

This guy really, really doesn't like 300.
The Persian army is depicted as an army of monsters. They are all less than human: they're all horribly mutated in one way or another, hunchbacked and grotesque. They're not white. They're sexual perverts! (And while we get jokes about boy-loving men [this from Spartans, mind you—Spartans who are all dressed in very manly and heterosexual giant leather jockstraps], of course what we see is women engaging in some form of pantomime lesbianism—because why not titillate while also casting moral judgment?) Obviously, they deserve to be brutally slaughtered. It must be the will of God.

Never has a film made me feel so physically ill to be in the theater watching it. And it wasn't all the beheadings, although those were copious. I felt like I was being made to watch a Leni Riefenstahl movie, or the very worst bits of Birth of a Nation. And then there was even more to feel sick about, like the fact that the sole female character's only role seemed to be to allow herself to get raped by her husband's rival—and this was presented as heroic. What a vile, vile piece of trash.
I don't get out to the movies a much as I'd like, so the next time I do go, it probably won't be 300.

Update: The classical scholars at Obsidian Wings and their readers are all about ancient Sparta and triremes.


Anonymous said...

Wait - is he saying it wasn't really like the show it in the movie?!

Anonymous said...

You're a fuckin douchebag dude. Your simple minded comments make me sick to my stomach. It's a fuckin movie, meant for ENTERTAINMENT. Key word there... you need to learn to enjoy life instead of criticizing what everyone else does wrong. Your opinion is not only worthless but really fuckin stupid.