Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Less taxes, more war"

I'd have to give neo-con Attorney Gabriel Nathan Schwartz an A for honesty. Not sure about his judgement, though, given that a couple hours after giving this interview, Schwartz was drugged and robbed by a St. Paul hooker.


Anonymous said...

How rediculously cocky he was during this interview, spewing his simplistic views, proving that all he knows of war is what he sees on television...he is a perfect charicature of the recent Republican thought processes which have brought us to where we are now economically and in our mideast policy.

He even pronounces nuclear as nucular, just like his hero and fellow linear thinker, George W. Bush.

I don't see why a man who feels we should be repaid by Iran for bombing their country with their oil would call the police when he was clearly outthought by a woman, attacked with drugs without provication, and robbed of whatever he owned while he lay half dressed in a drug induced stupor.

These "might makes right" types don't like when they are the lamb, and somebody else is the lion, do they?

AutismNewsBeat said...

But the lion only pretended to lie down with the lamb in this case. Great comment!

Anonymous said...

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