Tuesday, September 19, 2006

You in a heap o' trouble, Jew boy

Sen. George Allen isn't really a southerner, but he plays one on C-Span. His schtick, honed during his California high school days, is more Hollywood than Heartland, part Jethro Bodine, part aggrieved Christianist. During a recent meet-the- candidates event, Senator Macaca faked indignation when a panelist asked him about his reported Jewish ancestry. "Why is that relevant? My religion, your religion, or the religious beliefs of anyone other there?" Allen asked to applause. Then he launched into his focus-group tested, Jesusland stump speech, ending with "and another thing is preserving our foundational values, and one of those values is freedom of religion, without making aspersions about people because of their religious beliefs."

In Allen's America, there is only one thing worse than calling a dark-skinned person macaca, and that's calling a light-skinned person Jewish. Senator Allen is not a bright man. When he explains later that he didn't know what "aspersions" meant, people will believe him.

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