Monday, October 22, 2007

More global warming denialist comments

Because some people were put on Earth for my amusement:
The sun is hotter now, the earth has warmed because of increased solar activity. That seems so simple to me, why would anyone believe that a naturaly accuring gas like CO2 could raise the earths temp?
Because some borderline retarded, self serving, pompous, hipocrit tells you it does?
Global warming is real, we cannot stop it, we need to stop wasting resorces on prevention and start working towards a nation that thrives in the warmer climate.
Such as investing in Florida waterfront property, currently located in Georgia.
Gore was very pissed after 2000 elections and he wanted to fight those that beat him. Bush being an oil man made Gore choose Global Warming as his platform.If Gore had won that election all this Global Warming fear would not have been an issue. That is as political as it gets Gore!
Don't leave out the Decline and Fall of the American Empire fear. Or the Arrest and Detention Without a Warrant Fear.
It is politically motivated and has already cost Americans billions of dollars.Power companies have had to retro-fit power plants to remove emissions that volcanos around the world spit out at a rates higher than all plants combined. Just one example of how it is political.
Volcanoes are Republicans?

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LeGioN said...

Gore would have more autheticity if he weren't making millions off of it. Just an observation. I'm Canadian and we have an environmentalist who has done more for the last 30 years than Gore can fit in before he croaks. David Suzuki, if you want to know the truth don't listen to a US politician they all lie. Suzuki has the credentials and deserves a Nobel prize far more than Gore.