Friday, February 09, 2007

Child advocacy group dumps steaming O'Reilly

Congrats to John at Crooks and Liars for ruining Bill O'Reilly's day. The Center for Missing and Exploited Children withdrew a request to the Fox News wantwit speak at its Florida fundraising dinner next month. C&L and its readers were instrumental in exposing O'Reilly for the pathetic, twisted little man that he is.

O'Reilly said Shawn Hornbeck, the young man who was kidnapped, sodomized, and held for four years, was in fact having a great time of it. O'Reilly also cast doubt on Stockholm Syndrome, and said only he can call on the sum of human knowledge, which he keeps safe in his lower colon.

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Anonymous said...

This story doesnt make sense to me. Blaming Hornbeck wasnt a publicity or headline grab, its too assholy and stupid for OLeily, Limblah yes, but papa bear normally thinks it thru more than this. IMO it was knee jerk blame to victim story - and OLeilly didnt think this thru very well.

Bill, you really f*cked this up.