Monday, February 05, 2007

Who would Jesus kick?

Chuck Norris (yes, that Chuck Norris) plays constitutional scholar at World Net Daily this week. To be resolved: Muslims have no place in elected office.
Rev. Daniel Fosters’ [sic] inspirational address [in 1790] to these magistrates is a must read for anyone concerned with the future of our country and criteria for properly appointed representatives…. The words he shared that day were not only stirring but reflective of a general consensus and credo of what citizens (not just clergy) expected of their legislative leaders. Its components still contain what I would call a primer for the election of the presidency or any other chosen representative. […]

For Foster and our Founders, government is a ‘’divine appointment,'’ an ordained institution of God, and ‘’an important mean of delivering us from the evils of the apostasy; and designed to prepare us for the more encouraging restraints the gospel enjoins.'’ As such, it too has Jesus Christ, not some nebulous and neutered god, as its head. […]

Unlike today, no politician then would have ever even thought of Foster’s words as religiously pejorative or prejudice, for Christianity was the only religion upon which our Republic was founded. It was clergy, not imams, who were called to speak before legislatures. Even Jefferson did not propose a separation between mosque and state, just as he could never have imagined a democracy in which its congressmen were sworn into government upon a Quran.
Barbara Streisand can never embarrass me again.

h/t Carpetbagger


Anonymous said...

Following the same logic, the Russians & Chinese should retain communism, the Canadians should keep the monarchy and Italy needs to break into little bitty pieces.

Anonymous said...

LOL "divine appointment". Wasn't that put to bed already? Or did the first American settlers flee Europe because they couldn't fathom living under rule by Divine Right?

Anonymous said...

sorry, that should read "NOT living under rule by Divine Right"

Zachary Drake said...

Ha! The very idea that a has-been action movie star could have an effect politics is ridiculous...oh wait, I'm from "Cah-lee-for-nee-ah". Never mind...