Saturday, March 10, 2007

I love it when Republicans eat their young

That sound you hear is the GOP coalition splitting:
The political equivalent of Britney Spears shaving the hair off her head, Ann Coulter made headlines at this year's Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) by calling Democrat John Edwards a faggot. Wearing a leather dress and a Christian cross around her neck, Coulter must be a liberal infiltrator whose purpose is to give conservatism a bad name.
Yes folks, that was written by a typing troglodyte at GOP USA.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of Republicans eating their young -

This whole ridiculos and desperate attempt to say Obama was not born in the US is yet another indication that the conservatives in the Republican party are about one step away from being Nazis. They will use any tactic, including Hitler's favorite - "The Big Lie" - to maintain power.

Even though their own hand picked court justices have denied the claim, instead of accepting it and moving on they now charge that the courts are controlled by the Democratic Congress! Lie upon lie upon lie.

And so they continue to eat their young in order to save their own sorry skins. And they expect us to vote McCain in, a man who will continue the process of selling our country one piece at a time so that they can stay in power? Please....