Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Thank you, God!

Kerry to bow out of '08 presidential race.


BigAssBelle said...

haha ~ poor john kerry. i actually think he'd be a good president. he's smart, appears to care about all the citizens, not just the wealthy few, is educated, etc.

alas, 'tis not to be and i am also glad he's not running again.

it annoys me terribly when the pundits target an individual for humiliation through the repetition of that person's errors or failures, or even just the repetition of made up errors or failures. they're doing it with h.clinton, they've done it with kerry, they've done it with b.clinton, trying it with pelosi.

the continual repetition of errors or made-up errors or simply making light of an individual burns it into the public consciousness until it becomes the truth and is impossible to overcome.

the swiftboat allegations re kerry were repeated repeated repeated ad nauseum. the disproving of those allegations ~ well, did it even make the news? disgusting.

Heraldblog said...

Thanks for visiting, BigAss.

My issue with Kerry has nothing to do with his politics, intelligence or passion. He was just a lousy candidate who touted his "electability" in 2004, then then lost. And he didn't just lose, he lost to the worst US President in modern times.

I'm hoping the Dems will draft Webb for 2008.